Old posts

This blog is a continuation of a project I started on Weebly.  You can look at the old blog here, or access old posts from this list.  Most of the old posts are segments of the essay that I have available for download (and critique) in its current draft here.

01.  Getting Started

02.  Sex and Shame

03.  Sexual Needs?  Section 1

04.  Sexual Needs?  Section 2

05.  Music Video: “Modern Love” by Peter Gabriel

06.  Sexual Needs?  Section 3

07.  Sexual Needs?  Conclusion

08.  Reading around the Web: an article in Salon

09.  Sex Is Wilderness, Marriage Is Civilization

10.  Music Video: “No Pussy Blues” by Grinderman

11.  If God Gave Us Sex . . .  Section 1

12.  If God Gave Us Sex . . .  Section 2

13.  From around the Web: a Few Posts from Asexuals

14.  Needs and the Right to Demand

15.  The Real Issue: Entitlement to Pleasure Section 1

16.  The Real Issue: Entitlement to Pleasure  Section 2

17.  Non-hets  Section 1

18.  Video: Alain de Botton Talks about Sex

19.  Found on the Web: Scheduling Sex

20.  Non-hets  Section 2