I grew up a Mormon, still am one even with all my frustrations with the culture – and one of the biggest has to do with sex.  You’ll find several commentators within the Church (I’ll link to them) writing about how sad it is that Mormon culture still persists with this notion that sex is bad, and how this is a problem for people within the Church who are missing out on the joy of this wonderful blessing that God gave them to make their marriages beautiful and satisfying.

My perspective is similar to that, but has some sharp differences.  I can sum it up briefly, but to elaborate on its ramifications has drawn out almost 50,000 words from me, and counting.  This blog is primarily a serialization of an essay on sex I began writing after reading Camille Paglia.  Like her, I intend to burst bubbles, provoke controversy, and in the words of one early reader of the essay, “piss a lot of people off.”

That’s only as it should be, because whatever else we might say about sex, pro or con, it is a problem.  So read on, and then tell me how and why I’m wrong (or right).  Then think about the questions I raise and look for your own answers.